Hanger for threads and scissors

Hanger for threads and scissors.

You will need the following materials to make this hanger: piece of plywood approx 6 mm, round bar of diameter 5 mm, nails, glue and colorless varnish for wood.

Drawing. Hanger for threads and scissors: a) hanger ready, b) side view, c) horizontal tile (view from above).

The hanger consists of a vertical plate, horizontal plate and 5 pegs obtained by cutting into pieces a round bar. We start the work by making a vertical tile according to the dimensions given in figure a. Horizontal tile (drawing c) should be wide 7,5 cm, but it can be wider or narrower depending on that, what are the dimensions of the spools of thread. Then we drill holes and use glue to fix the pegs - 3 pegs in length 6,5 cm in the horizontal plate and 2 length pegs 2,5 cm in the vertical plate (for scissors). The vertical and horizontal tiles can be joined with glue and dowels or nailed (drawing b). After cleaning the hanger with sandpaper, paint the finished hanger with colorless varnish for wood.