Needle hanger

Needle hanger.

A needle hanger will be very useful for your mother, that can be hung anywhere.

Drawing. Needle hanger: a) front view, b) side view.

We will start making the hanger by preparing a piece of plywood with a thickness of approx 5 mm and dimensions similar to those given in the drawing – a, which will be the base of the hanger. The shape, size and decorative finish of the stand may vary, depending on your taste. After drawing the stand on plywood, cut out the shape with a hairsaw and drill a hole with a diameter of approx 15 mm (drawing b) roughly in the distance 8 cm from the bottom of the base. All edges of the stand should be leveled with a smoothing file and cleaned with sandpaper. If the plywood surface is

rough, it needs to be sanded down with fine sandpaper wound on a wooden block. The next step is the decorative finish of the front surface of the base, that can be decorated with paints. After drilling at a distance of approx 1 cm from the top of the base of the hole with a diameter 5 mm for hanging (drawing a, b), Paint the base with colorless varnish for wood (capon). The last step is to make and put a cushion on the needles.

Drawing. How to make a pillow for a needle hanger: a) scrap material, b) way to bind the ball, c) placing the ball in the hole of the base, d) gluing the ball with cardboard.

Depending on the size of the pillow, cut a square of the appropriate size from the fabric and place a crumpled ball of other fabrics or a sponge inside (drawing a). Fold the sides of the square like this, to get the ball, which must be tied tightly from below (drawing b), then smear with glue (preferably with a car) and insert it into the cut-out hole in the base (drawing c). The ball-cushion should be pressed down for several hours with a heavy object. Cut the protruding ends of the pillow from the opening with sharp scissors, glue a piece of cardboard (drawing d) and put it under the button.