Fabric flower bouquet

Fabric flower bouquet.

Flowers are always a nice gift for any occasion. The flowers I propose can be made of colored polyamide or very heavily starched linen (look photo).

On the material intended for flowers, draw a circle with a radius 2,5 cm (drawing d) and cut them out very carefully. Fold each circle twice and cut a small triangle in the middle (drawing e). After unfolding, you will get a hole. Now start making the center of the flower. From white crepe, black or yellow, cut out a rectangle measuring 6×2 cm. Fold it in half, cut the short sides into narrow strips, leaving inside 1 cm not cut (drawing a). Then roll this cut strip of crepe into a roll. Pass the wire in the middle of the roll (preferably green, isolated). Twist the shorter end of the wire with the longer end (drawing b). Put some paper glue in the center of the crepe paper, lift the sides up creating a "brush" (drawing c). Lightly coat the ends of the "brush" with glue, then sprinkle with semolina. Pass the wire through the hole in the circle like this, so that the base of the "brush" rests on the material (drawing f). Coat the base of the "brush" with glue (preferably with a car). Lift the circle up; keep your fingers on the material for so long, until it sticks to the crepe paper in the middle of the flower (drawing g).

Fabric flower bouquet: a) a rectangle of crepe paper with dimensions of 6×2 cm (inside 1 cm not cut), b) wrapping a roll of crepe paper with wire, c) center of the flower is ready, d) fabric wheel, e) cutting out the center of the circle, f) putting the brush through the hole in the wheel of fabric, g) ready flower.