The difficult art of chewing and biting

The difficult art of chewing and biting.

Newly-minted parents are well aware of this, that they should be a source of support for their children. However, they often do not realize it, in how many sectors their help is essential. Not all are, for example, aware of it, that the child's speech development is faster, and she herself is more correct, when the child can bite and chew properly. And though it seems, that the child acquires these skills automatically, it turns out, that parents can help stimulate their development by being much more useful than they might expect. Proper chewing and biting is important, above all else, that it has an impact not only on the development of the bite, but also the development of speech. Therefore, it is worth remembering about this, that we can talk about the beginnings of the chewing reflex in a toddler, who is entering the sixth month of his life. It is therefore the perfect time to make the first changes to your child's diet, the first foods like this, such as grated vegetables, because fruit and porridges can help him train the skills he has just acquired. The chewing process performed by an infant should be supervised by a parent, because it turns out, that not every child does it equally well. So let us pay attention to this, whether the toddler's mouth is closed, and his lower jaw works with circular movements. Upon noticing gross irregularities, it is worth paying attention to the doctor. At the time, in which the child becomes the owner of the first teeth, we can start to stimulate learning to chew. Monitoring by the parent is also important here, it is therefore worth remembering, that it bites properly with the front teeth. If we want to make sure, that the child has no problem with it, let's give him a biscuit. If he starts biting him using his side teeth, we can consider this an irregularity. Sometimes there is also a situation, in which the child does not bite food at all, but cleverly rubs them against the palate. It's worth being aware of, that this behavior is also not appropriate, and therefore requires correction.