Thread spool stand

Thread spool stand.

Cut a piece of plywood or plywood approx. 0,5 cm rectangle with dimensions 20×6 cm. Along the midline of the base, at intervals of what 4 cm, mark the places where the wooden pegs connect to the base (drawing a); mark the bottom of the base in the same way. Round stick approx. 0,5 cm, cut into four long sticks 8 cm. Connect the pegs to the base with thin nails and wood glue (drive nails from the bottom of the base in the marked places – drawing b). After the glue dries (next day) clean the whole thing with fine grit sandpaper. You can decorate the top of the base with a floral motif painted with oil paint, after having previously sketched the pattern with a pencil.

Drawing. Thread stand: a) saucer, b) ready stand.