Kitchen glove

Kitchen glove.

To protect your hands from burns, I encourage you to sew special "paws". Paws can be round, square, heart-shaped, flower, apples or pears – depending on your fantasies and preferences. In every home there will be remnants of nice cotton fabrics or old terry towels. If the material is thick, cut any shape twice. For thin fabric, cut out the selected shape four times. The least difficult is to sew a paw in the shape of a hand. If you decide to do it, first make a form out of paper according to the dimensions given in the drawing.

Pin this form to the quadfold fabric, trace its shape and cut it out. Fold all four parts like this, so that the top and bottom of the paw overlap evenly. Baste the fabric prepared in this way close to the edge. Now baste around the circumference of the paw with colored tape like this, to cover its top and bottom. Sew it on the machine. Sew two layers around the bottom like this, to get a hand hole. From the same tape, which you sewed the fabric, make a loop, on which you will hang the paw (look photo).