Pillows for pins and needles

Pillows for pins and needles.

Drawing. Needle and pin cushions: a, b) apple forms, c, d) hedgehog forms, e) hedgehog pillow ready.

From felt in two colors, cut two apples twice - one larger, second smaller (drawing a, b). Sew a small apple to a large one with a stitch in front of the needle (shown in Figure c) colored thread (preferably with a cord). Sew the two parts of the large apple together with the same cord, leaving a small hole, through which stuff the apple with cotton wool; sew up the hole (look photo). Hedgehog and egg (drawing c, d) also cut from colored felt, sew the egg onto the hedgehog figurine; continue like this, as described. Sew stitches, and at the end of the nose, sew a bead (drawing e). Also sew a hanger.