Yarn dog

Yarn dog.

A nice gift can be a dog made of wool and wire. For one dog of the given dimensions, approx. 3 a dag of wool. In addition to wool, you need to prepare approx. 1 m of zinc or copper wire, thread for tying in the color of the wool used and one pair of eyelets (buttons of the appropriate size).

Drawing. Yarn dog: a) method of connecting bundles of yarn with wire, b) wrapping paws with yarn, c) bending the form of a dog, d) finished toy.

On head, neck, body and tail prepare a piece of wire approx. 40 cm and fold it in half. Cut the wool and tie it into bundles. Each bundle should contain 10-12 threads (depending on the thickness of the wool). Connect the bundles with the wire yes, as they are combined in the bottle washing brushes in order:

– 3 length bundles 5 cm will be a murder,
– 2 strand length bundles 8 cm – ears,
– 3 strand length bundles 3 cm – neck,
– 15 thread length bundles 8 cm – torso,
– from 8 do 10 thread length bundles 3 cm-ogon.

Tighten the wire after each bundle (drawing a). After finishing the tail, twist the wire and hem it. Get your legs ready 4 lengths of wire 15 cm and four pieces of wool of approx. 1 m. Fold the wire and wool in half. Wrap the wool around the bent end of the wire. Cover the rest of the legs with cotton wool and wrap 3/4 wire tightly with wool as in picture b. Tie the ends of the wool together, and twist the ends of the wire. Bend your feet like paws. Connect the legs to the torso in the places marked in picture c. Pull out the tail and head, give the skeleton a shape as in picture c. Trim the wool a bit to give it a muzzle shape. Too long wool under the neck and belly – enterprising. Stiffen the tips of the ears, lightly smearing them with office glue. Sew on the buttons – Eyes. Tie a bow under the neck to emphasize the shape of the head. If you don't want to make a shaggy tail, then wrap it with wool in the same way as paws (drawing d).