Paper madness

Paper madness.

The article will seem particularly attractive to this, who only have paper and scissors at hand. The presented work proposals are extremely simple and do not require outstanding manual skills. When boredom due to rainy days interfering with your holiday madness is already bothering you a lot, see this chapter – I offer you paper madness. You will surely entertain yourself and your friends. you can e.g. have a turtle race – common, great fun, make a paper basket, box or bag for sunny days. They will be used for your summer harvest, np. shells, pebbles or amber. You put in very little work, and the fun will be great.

Animated face mask.

Cut out an oval head from card stock or cardboard. In places, where the eyes should be, cut holes, and on the side at the temples, make incisions. Thread a strip of cardboard through the slits, on which different eyes will be drawn. You can change the appearance of the eyes, moving the bar with drawn eyes (drawing a). Do the same with your lips. Draw different mouths on the cardstock tape. Moving the tape with drawn eyes and mouth, you will get different emotional states of the mask (crying, smiling, capricious – see figure b).