Adequate nutrition of children

Adequate nutrition of children.

The obesity epidemic in the Western world is an increasingly serious problem, and although until recently Poland was a notable exception here, we are slowly chasing the lead. We must act quickly and it is not so difficult at all, because a child's eating habits can be easily matched, for example, with his circadian rhythm. The child quickly gets used to the imposed daily schedule and it is easy to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner at an appropriate time, bath time, sleep time and play time. You just have to want.

No home-made dinners

A big problem with nutrition is the lack of home-made food. Fast food several times a year is not a problem, but if the child gets money for a hamburger instead of a home-made dinner, and so does the sandwich taken to school, problem will quickly arise. It is important to, to make the homemade dinner real, because buying something in a can or jar, it's just bringing fast food and serving it at home.

Moving is healthy

Old slogan, but very real. Sitting at home in front of the TV or monitor will definitely hurt. The parent is responsible for ensuring that the child has enough outdoor exercise. After infancy, some children have the habit of eating something every half hour. If you succumb to such a habit, the result is an obese child and later an obese adult. The easiest way to overcome the problem is to give your child something else to do, because food is here to stimulate the brain's reward center, which can be achieved even by playing anything. A child outside the home will also not think about food, and if he keeps asking for something at the beginning, they can be "cheated" with a light fruit or yoghurt snack. Sweets Barrier As for fast food products, sweets are not the devil incarnate, but more frequent their administration than 1-2 in the week, is the shortest path to obesity and tooth decay. It is a bit of a challenge, because if we eat sweets in front of the baby, it will not accept the fact, that we can, and not him anymore.