A picture of dry flowers

A picture of dry flowers.

To complete this picture, you must start in the period, when in the allotment garden, There are many flowers in the forest or meadow. We collect flowers of various sizes, of different shape and color. You can also collect small ones, interesting leaves. After picking, we arrange the plants very carefully (so that the petals and leaves are not bent) between the pages of the newspaper and put it dry, airy place, np. on the window sill or on the floor by the balcony door. We press everything. thick books. When the flowers and leaves are dry, very gently we transfer them to a large sheet of white paper like this, so that they are all clearly visible.

On a sheet of technical block, previously painted with black ink, arrange a flower arrangement according to your own intuition. Then remove each flower with tweezers and smear the back very gently with Wikol glue using a brush or stick. When gluing, try not to change the previously established composition. The picture can be finished with a frame made of paper from a sheet of technical block according to the pattern given in the drawing.

The length and width of the frame depends on the size of the image (background), on which flowers are glued. Divide the sides of the frame with two dashed lines, far apart, e.g. o 1 cm. Along the dashed lines, Make grooves with the blunt side of a knife or scissors, cut the corners in places marked with a solid line in the drawing, cut out the center of the frame, and then bend the sides along the previously made grooves. Glue a picture with a flower arrangement to the frame from the back (look photo). Mark the center of the picture on the top side. Make a loop for hanging on the wall, reinforcing it with a sheet of cardstock in the shape of a circle or a square.