picture – app

picture – app.

A fabric with any pattern artistically sewn onto another fabric is called an appliqué.

These nice girls presented in the picture, sewn on gray fabric and framed, can be a picture (look photo), while sewn on a white linen cloth – decorate a pillowcase. The appliqué is sewn on with a knit or hem stitch (drawing b).

Transfer the individual elements of the girl to tracing paper, then cut. Pin the form of a given element to the fabric with pins, from which you want to make it, and cut carefully. Arrange the individual elements of the girl on a white or gray canvas (depending on it, what do you want to do – a picture or a cover). Put them on the canvas, looking at the girl's drawing.

Attention! Failure to comply with the recommended placement of the form elements leads to its deformation.

Then pin the whole thing with pins and baste it. For sewing with the stitches given above, match the color of the thread to the color of the fabric. It is also very important to carefully select the fabric for the dress, apron or hat in terms of color and species. It is best to choose a material that does not fray. If you want to make a picture, stick the canvas with the sewn-on girl on the thick one, stiff cardboard. in the upper, in the middle of the cardboard, attach a picture hanger. Cover the back with a white sheet of paper from the drawing pad. You can cover the sides of the picture with narrow slats, which will form the frame. Flower, which the girl is holding in her hand, embroider or make by application method.