Colorful heads

Colorful heads.

Colorful heads can decorate a business card, marking the person's place at the table. The same heads can decorate the label indicating the price of the goods sold, e.g.. in a student cooperative.

Cut out a square with a side from the bristol 6 cm. Fold it in half. In the right corner, make two incisions about 1 cm (drawing a). Make a form of head and neck according to figure b. Trace the form on the bristol and cut it out thoroughly. Make a hole punch from colored paper circles, which will constitute the eyes, nose, mouth, Eyebrows. Glue them in the right places on the head. From colored paper cut out hair, Hats, bows – They will be a decoration of the head. Insert the neck into the notches. On the folded piece of paper, carefully write the name of a colleague or the price of the goods.

Drawing. Colorful heads: a) saucer, b) Head form, c) ready-made business cards.