A pigeon in the first stage is made like a raven, Performing the steps shown in the drawing of the raven A, b, c. Using the obtained folds, Fold the paper like this, To create a figure as in Figure A. Then cut the edges along the sides of the AC, AC’ and A'C and A'C’ (In Figure B, solid lines). Bend the triangle with vertex A downwards. Bend parts ABC and A'B'C’ inward (drawing b, c). Fold the whole thing in half along line AA’ (drawing c, d). From a triangle with vertex A, form a head with a beak (drawing e), and triangles with vertices A6′(Wings) Bend sideways. Triangle with vertex A’ will constitute a tail (drawing e). Holding the bird with one hand by the neck, the other by the tail and moving it slightly forward and backward you will get a movement of the wings.