Good manners of a small child

Good manners of a small child.

Children learn about good upbringing not only from educational institutions, to which they go. This is repeatedly paid attention to, that the family home is of key importance in this context, so if the parents do not teach their son or daughter to behave properly, deficiencies in this area may persist for a long time. There is no such period, which would be more or less appropriate for this, that the child learns about good manners, a responsible parent should not waste time and start learning as soon as possible, as possible. It is also worth remembering, that toddlers tend to imitate behaviors typical of their immediate surroundings, so if the parents behave culturally towards each other, they will unknowingly copy them. Good manners, however, are not only the ability to say "goodbye" and "I'm sorry". Many more behaviors are described by this term, so let's remember about this, among other things, to clean up the toys together with the toddler after play. We also do not forget about the culture at the table. Its rules do not seem to apply to an infant, However, a two-year-old can master them without much problem. So let's remind your toddler from the very beginning, that you eat at the table, and then, when it's time to eat, you should give up other activities. It is also worth showing your toddler how to properly use cutlery yes, so that in the future he should refer to this skill instinctively. When the toddler goes to kindergarten, to the list of good manners he mastered, the ability to learn and eat elegantly should be added. Thanks to this, the child has no problems with making new friends, and at the same time can stand out positively from the peer group. You should also not forget to practice using polite phrases, a preschooler should refer to them consciously. Kindergarten is also time, in which the child learns the rules of functioning in a peer group, gains knowledge about respecting the weak and the ability to share with others.