The child's diet when feeding with modified milk

The child's diet when feeding with modified milk.

Depending on the age of the child, please note, to properly dose the modified milk. The proportions and other products that are given to the baby play a big role here. In the period from the first to the fourth month, it is recommended to administer only modified milk. From the beginning of the fifth month, the child's menu should be slightly diversified. Formula milk can be administered four times a day after 180 ml. Additionally, once a day, a vegetable soup from approx 150 do 180 g. You can mix, among other things: carrot, potato, a teaspoon of olive oil or butter, without salt. Gradually, you can add new vegetables and vegetables, e.g.. pumpkin, peas, etc.. It is best to mix them or serve them with a spoon. Corn or rice gruel with grated apple is also acceptable (ok . 100 gram). It is good to use instant groats for this. Puréed fruit or vegetable juice can be served as a "dessert" between meals . After the sixth month of life, the daily ration of modified milk remains the same. You can add gluten-free porridge to the vegetable soup, shredded meat or fish. It's best to give meat 10 g per serving can be:. in.: chicken, turkey, rabbit, lean veal, pork, beef and lamb. The gruel remains unchanged, you can add mashed fruit to it ( 150 g). The jump portion can be increased to 60 ml. After starting 7 month, modified milk should be reduced to 3 daily servings. Add the porridge made with modified milk and, as before, vegetable soup with meat and fish, gruel with fruit and puree juice. You can enter products such as: yolk, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, Green Beans, zucchini, seasonal fruit, buckwheat and oatmeal. By 8 month, modified milk , porridge on the same milk, zupka, the gruel and juice remain as they were. During this period, it's best to start teaching your baby to eat with a spoon. In the ninth month, the amount of modified milk should be reduced to two times a day. Increase the porridge and the soup to 200 gram a soczek do 100 ml. You can start serving the first crisps, biscuits and bread. There is no need to mix vegetables anymore, fruit, finely chopped meat and fish can be served in small pieces. In the tenth month, leave everything as it is. Increase the soup portion to 200 ml, porridges for 220 ml, add milk jelly 180-220 g. You can also serve potatoes, meatballs. W 11 i 12 months unchanged milk plus cocoa 2 times a day. Jelly and porridge not once, but until 3 times a day. The rest is unchanged.