Brooch from the peel

Brooch from the peel.

If you manage to get different colored pieces of skin, you can make Mom a brooch – a bunch of flowers.

On the suede side of the peel, draw circles with a diameter 2 cm and cut them out. Divide each circle into four parts. Along the marked lines (in Figure A) Cut the skin, without reaching the center of the wheel. After incision, Round the corners of each quarter with a pencil, without reducing the circumference of the wheel (drawing b). Fold the circle twice and in the middle cut out a small three-corner and petals according to the lines drawn with a pencil (drawing c). You will get the flower shown in the picture d. Over the flame of a gas or spirit burner, holding a flower in pincers, opal the edges of all petals (the skin under the influence of high temperature bends upwards or downwards). From a simple piece of peel, cut out thin strips, which will constitute the stems. Tie a knot at one end of each strip, and the other end of the strip thread through the hole in the flower and drag, so, to lean the knot against the flower. Combine several such flowers together with a piece of peel in the shape of a leaf, to form a bouquet (drawing e). On the back of the brooch, pass a safety pin through the skin – Clasp.

Drawing. Brooch from the peel: a) A circle divided into 4 Parts, b) rounding of the corners of quarters, c) Mold cutting, d) flower form, e) ready brooch.