Yarn brooch

Yarn brooch.

For this brooch you need pieces of yarn, preferably of the same species and thickness, but in different colors. Made of bristol with dimensions 6 x 1,5 cm cut the strip (drawing a), and then wind it on your index finger and glue both ends together. Braid the bristol ring with yarn in this way, to adhere closely to each other (drawing b), but the yarn must not be crossed or put on top of each other; the free end of the yarn should be approximately 6 cm. Do the same 5-6 Rings, each in a different color. Fold all the protruding ends of each ring together, Align, and then wrap tightly with green yarn (drawing c), creating a place, to which from the back attach a small safety pin.

Drawing. Yarn brooch: a) Bristol strip measuring 1.5×6 cm, b) Bristol ring wrapped in yarn, c) ready brooch.