Brooch from spruce cone husks

Brooch from spruce cone husks.

During the holidays, being in the forest, Collect large spruce cones. They will be useful for you to make a very nice brooch for Mom.

Soak the cone overnight in water, to dissolve the resin, which will make it easier to divide the cone into individual scales. Dry the husks thus obtained. Prepare from the skin two circles with a diameter 2 cm. Cut one of them like this, so that a small safety pin can be put through the incision (drawing a), Glue both leather wheels together. On the surface of the upper wheel (drawing b) Arrange the scales like this, so that they adhere closely to each other, creating a flower (drawing c).

Be careful, that the scales are of equal size. Now each husk at the root, but from behind, Grease with glue, np. wikol, and apply to this place, from which you took it. Leave the brooch prepared in this way, until it dries. The next day, Paint the protruding parts of the scales with a small brush with poster paint, that formed the center of the flower. After the paint dries, Paint each husk with clear varnish (It can be nail polish or hairspray) and the flower is ready (drawing c).

Drawing. Brooch from spruce cone husks: a) skin circle with notches for safety pin, b) second circle with drawn lines to apply the scales of the cone, c) ready brooch.