Sheet metal brooch

Sheet metal brooch.

For such a brooch, you will need a piece of sheet metal with a thickness of no more than 1 mm; it could be tin cans, copper or brass.

We will start the work by drawing a brooch grid on grid paper or graph paper (drawing a). After drawing, cut out the mesh and stick it on the sheet with vegetable glue. After partial drying, the mesh is cut out with tinsmith's scissors or tailor's scissors and cut in the marked places (drawing b). The next step will be to bend the ornament using round pliers (drawing c). The center of the brooch can be filled with a texture by hitting the sheet with a round hammer or a chisel – then he will have a nice time, rough surface. You can also attach a decorative button in the center of the brooch. A brooch with a slightly convex center looks very nice, but this must be done before bending the ornament, on a hole similar in format to the middle part of the brooch, np. on the tube. At the end, it should be soldered to the brooch (on the reverse side) agrafkę, then clean the brooch with a wire brush like this, make it shine and paint it with colorless varnish.

Drawing. Sheet metal brooch mesh: a) grid drawing on grid or millimeter paper glued to the metal sheet, b) cutting the mesh with scissors, c) forming the ornament with round pliers.

In figure a – mesh designs of various brooches are shown, a in figure b – ready brooches.

a) Meshes of various brooches.

b) Ready brooches.